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Different Types of Memorials in Manchester

Here are a few questions that are frequently asked of us here at McGarry Memorials (Manchester) Ltd.

How soon after the burial can a memorial be placed?

It is best to wait 6 months for the ground to settle unless there is a strip foundation already in place.

Is it possible to see how the memorial will look before it is made?

Yes it is, we will produce a printout to scale of any inscription or designs so that you can proof read this and make any changes if necessary. It is also possible to change your mind at this point as we will not engrave the memorial until we have your signature of approval.

What is the timescale for a new memorial?

Once an order has been placed we expect delivery to take place within up to 16 weeks. Once we have received the stone we will then start work as soon as possible. If your memorial is in stock it would most likely be completed in 6 to 8 weeks as long as the foundation has been completed by the said cemetery.

NAMM Regulations

The rules of Health and Safety have changed in the last few years; we also have to make sure that existing memorials now comply with The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) code of practice.
This ensures that their memorials can no longer fall or be pushed over. All new memorials are fitted with the NAMM accredited Anchor System at no extra cost.

What Area Do You Cover?

We will travel to most areas provided that travel expenses are paid. In previous years we have been commissioned to erect new memorials as far away as Ireland and Scotland.