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Renovations and Inscriptions

Stonemasons in Manchester

As stonemasons in Manchester, atĀ McGarry Memorials (Manchester) Ltd we pride ourselves on restoring memorials to the highest standards. All memorials fitted before 2002 will most probably not comply with the current Health and Safety Standard. As of 2004, most Cemetery Authorities insist on all memorials being fitted to the National Association of Memorial Masons Code of Working Practice. i.e. British Standard.

Stonemasons in Moston

Health and Safety standards, as we all know, are constantly changing and the memorial industry is no different. When the new standard came into force ground anchor fixing systems and steel dowels were made compulsory. It also meant that memorial masons needed a registered fixing license. At this moment we have two masons with fixing licences with over 30 years of experience.
In some cases cemeteries will not allow masons to work without the licence. Choose our stonemasons in Moston to complete your memorial renovation work.

Memorial Renovations in Manchester

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the personal touch and have had many customers return to us after the loss of loved ones. As times change so do regulations and it is important to keep customers aware of new Health and Safety Regulations and how they can go about having work done on their memorial. Choose McGarry Memorials to carry out memorial renovations in Manchester.

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