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Cremation Products

Cremations in Manchester

Memorials for cremations can also be supplied by McGarry Memorials in Manchester. We make all size and manner of cremation memorials depending on the specification of the cemetery.

A Range of Memorial Monuments

We offer a number of memorial monuments, so you are able to choose the one that best fits the loved one that you are remembering.

We have a number of different urns in stock. We also have a small brochure of more elaborate containers for ashes, which can be ordered and are usually delivered in about a week. The prices of these vary quite a lot depending on the material chosen such as wood, brass, steel or porcelain. It is also possible to purchase urns that are now biodegradable for those who are environmentally friendly.

Memorial vases come in numerous shapes and sizes. We have in stock smaller vases that are made of steel as well as granite vases, which come in sizes ranging from 6x6x6 inches upwards. These particular vases can be lettered the same as a memorial stone. We also stock turned vases. These are more elaborate but because they are round, they cannot be sandblasted.


Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques can be made in various colours and sizes and we also offer house plaques and pet plaques as we do have customers who want to remember their pets by having a plaque made and placed in the garden. Some even have their photograph laser etched onto the granite as an everlasting memory to a man’s best friend.

Contact Us

To discuss all your requirements in detail please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us in Manchester on 01616 812 158 or fill in our contact form.