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Creating a memorial headstone for your loved one involves choosing a meaningful phrase, a short message and more to provide comfort to those who visit. Losing a loved one is hard, but a headstone that conveys the right tone through the design and epitaph can make a big difference to family members and friends.

In this month’s blog at McGarry Memorials (Manchester) Ltd we look at creating a memorial headstone for your loved one. Consult our specialists in Manchester on 01616 812 158 for more information.

Choose an Epitaph

Picking an epitaph (phrase) to have engraved on a headstone for a loved one can be challenging. Some meaningful phrases that are commonly used include:

  • Missed by All
  • Always Loving, Always Loved
  • No One Spread More Love in a Lifetime
  • In Loving Memory
  • Forever in Our Hearts
  • Gone But Not Forgotten
  • In God’s Care

These statements will hopefully offer comfort to visitors to the headstone. Additionally, epitaphs are followed by the deceased’s full name, birth date, and death date.

Additional Things to Include

In addition to a meaningful phrase, there is a range of other things you can add to a memorial headstone, such as:

  • Photograph
  • Intricate Design
  • Poem
  • Saying

Including a section of a poem on a headstone can remind you of them or express a feeling only poetry can encapsulate. Alternatively, if your loved one had a saying they loved to use, adding this to the memorial can convey some of their personality.

There is a range of designs for headstones that can be customised to suit your preferences and represent the deceased in a way you think they would like. Also, including a photograph of your loved one from a moment where they are happy and smiling on a memorial can be a comforting addition.

Find Out More

Contact our team at McGarry Memorials (Manchester) Ltd for more information about creating a memorial headstone for your loved one in Manchester. Call us on 01616 812 158 to consult a specialist. Alternatively, you can send us a message via the contact form for a prompt response.

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